Welcome CarrotApp!

Today we are excited to announce that CarrotApp has joined our team.  CarrotApp is the creator of the first app locking solution on Android – App Protector.  App Protector is an award-winning app locking solution for Android with over a million downloads.  Based on the success of App Protector, Enterprise App Protector was developed which is used by numerous companies and school districts as a simple way to manage devices and make sure users are only accessing approved applications.

After being introduced to CarrotApp, we felt that their passion and vision for mobile security were so closely aligned with ours that working together just made sense.  The creator of App Protector, Will Li, will join our team and lead the effort to integrate the best of App Protector with Clutch Mobile.  Both will remain as-is for now, but over time our goal is to provide our combined customers with the best possible mobile security products out there.

We believe with our current offerings we can help any company or school get the most out of their devices while ensuring industry-leading security for both personal privacy and company data.  Together we have some exciting features coming that will shake up mobile security and how it’s traditionally been approached.  Stay tuned!

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