2012 Sprint Developer Conference – Mobility in Transportation and Logistics


Last week we attended the annual Sprint Developer Conference in San Jose, CA. There was a wealth of discussion about the ways organizations are benefiting from new and innovative mobile applications. Between the keynotes and panel discussions, we learned a lot about what carriers, device manufacturers and ASPs are doing to help organizations get the most out of their mobile devices while managing the new risks they impose on the organization. What was most interesting in talking to developers and PMs at the conference is that what used to be a discussion about BYOD and MDM, is now a broader discussion of enterprise mobile security. The BYOD and MDM problems are being addressed but the means to combat mobile security risks is likely to be an ongoing battle that has just begun.

Sharing Clutch Mobile’s value proposition with the various participants was a validating exercise and reaffirmed that Clutch Mobile is addressing an area that MDM providers do not cover. The Android platform, as some suggested, is balancing uninhibited innovation and a growing confluence of security threats; and that it might be skewed towards the former. The implication is that while businesses are enjoying a wealth of productivity-enhancing, cost-reducing app they are also subject to data leakage, privacy invasion and malicious code.

On Transportation:

Based on what we are hearing from customers and partners, fleet managers deploying mobile devices are seeing great benefits. Operational efficiencies that arise from mobile devices and supporting services have an  impact on their bottom line and, as one panel member cited, can reduce costs by 8-12%. However, Sprint executives and other panel members made some points about why it is so critical understand the risks inherent in mobile device deployments in this context. Application and web policies need to be applied so that devices are used safely.

Here are some regulations offered by one of those panel members:



All in all, we learned a lot and look forward to attend next year.

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