gSocial 2.0 – ISVs and Resellers make “going Google” easy for SMBs


When a small to medium-sized enterprise considers “going Google” they probably see it as a bright light at the end of a perilous tunnel. Why? Data migration can be complex. Data security risk causes deep apprehension. While the cost of their existing server-based solution is ten-fold, it still keeps the business running. Here is the fact: If you want to get the most out of your mobile devices, look into the sky and you’ll see where you need to take your business.

What we observed at gSocial 2.0 is what every SMB needs to see to understand that moving their business into the Cloud doesn’t have to be so nerve-racking. ISVs like Yippie Move (email migration), BetterCloud (google apps management and training), Pipeline Deals (Google-integrated cloud CRM) and gUnify (UC for google apps) and VARs like ViWo and Cloud Sherpas can make the transition possible and help organizations gauge a measurable ROI.

What does this have to do with mobile security? Everything.

One might argue that the biggest benefit to moving your company to the Cloud is cost savings. If so, mobility is a close second on that list but companies still need a way to attain the right level of security and control over their mobile devices. For most SMBs, Cloud apps and mobility go hand-in-hand. Companies need to get the most utility out of these mobile-ready services but are concerned about the potentiality (or eventuality) that their Android or iOS systems get hijacked, users visit malicious websites and private information is leaked.

Events like these keep us mindful of the current state of mobile security. We are excited to be filling the growing security gaps in the application landscape as companies move to the Cloud.

Looking forward to gSocial 3.0!

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