Clutch Mobile + App Protector = Better Security

Today we released a big update to our Android version of Clutch Mobile Security. Along with numerous UI updates and performance improvements, this release incorporates our popular App Protector product. App Protector has over 1 million downloads and that same award winning technology is now integrated directly into the Clutch Mobile app.

This means that users can now protect their privacy in more ways than ever before. They’ll be protected by our Cloud Antivirus with its patent pending AppSanity technology, Phone Finder, Privacy Advisor, and now, App Protector.

App Protector allows users to add a PIN to any application on their device. It keeps prying eyes away from your private information. Here are some screenshots of how it works within Clutch Mobile.

This new version of Clutch Mobile supports all major versions of Android including Jelly Bean (4.0) and is free to download. Read more about all of the Clutch Mobile features.

For those that love using the standalone version of App Protector and App Protector Pro, it will remain in Google Play and continue to be supported.

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