App Controls, NetGuard Enhancements, and Much More Added for Enterprises

Another week brings us another big release. Last week we blogged about App Protector being added to the Clutch Mobile Security consumer app which paved the way to release it for enterprises. Enterprises and other organizations can now deploy app locking across a fleet of devices. Beyond app locking, this feature allows for the customization of the default home screen to display only the applications that are approved. Everything else is hidden ensuring that employees stay on task. Here are a few screenshots of how that now looks.

This release contains much more than just App Protector as you’ll see below.

  • NetGuard for Android – NetGuard has been in beta for quite some time, but now is fully integrated into the entire infrastructure including the app, web dashboard, and policies.
  • NetGuard Policy at the Group Level – Previously, NetGuard could only be applied for the entire organization — one organization, one policy; not any more. Now it can be applied to groups of devices! This gives IT admins the power to control network policies for different groups of users.
  • Device Locate for Admins – Administrators can locate lost or stolen devices.
  • Revamped Device Details – Easier to navigate now with more details about devices including location and policy.
  • Single App Mode – Part of App Protector, this allows organizations to lock down an Android device to one application. It’s very good when businesses use devices for kiosks or other single use mode.

With these new features, businesses gain numerous new ways to secure and manage their mobile devices with a painstaking emphasis on our side to keep everything straightforward and simple to manage.

Take the new features for a test drive and please let us know if you have any feedback.

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