Save on Your Business Data Plan

You may be wondering what our security products have to do with saving you money on your company’s data plan and the simple answer is a lot.

Companies can spend a lot on data plans for their employees.  While these devices can greatly enhance productivity, they can also be quite expensive.  They can range anywhere from $20/month to $100/month for some of the unlimited plans.


While you want your employees to have access to critical work information and maybe some other personal information, you don’t want them eating up expensive bandwidth all on your dime.  This is especially true where devices are used for a specific business purpose like in field services, inventory management, transportation or health-care.

To see how this might affect your bottom line, let’s assume you have a choice of two data plans (based on major carrier data plans): Plan A costs $50/month and is capped at 4GB, Plan B costs $30/month and is capped at 2GB. For a company with 100 devices, migrating to Plan B results in a savings of $2,000/month and $24,000 a year!

That’s pretty impressive savings for cutting back some data usage.  So how does Clutch Mobile play into this?  Depending on the type of use case you have, we can help in two ways.  First, with App Protector we can lock down Android to only use the apps that are company approved.  Everything else is not available to users meaning data consuming apps are inherently not allowed.  For iPhones and iPads, something similar can be done by restricting use of the App Store through device policies.  This solution is especially relevant for business specific devices.

Furthermore, we offer NetGuard which provides network controls to restrict the websites that are available to employees.  It also delivers web security to block real-time threats such as malware or phishing websites.  With NetGuard, you can ensure employees aren’t going to YouTube, Netflix, Pandora or other sites that consume expensive bandwidth.

Through NetGuard we also give your company additional insights like how much bandwidth each device is using and what type of content (video, music, email) they’re using it on.  This data can help guide future buying decisions on data plans and show you just how it’s being utilized.

From the example above and now factoring in the cost of our service ($4/device/month) that’s a net savings of $19,200.  In addition to these savings, your company is now protected against the latest mobile threats delivering additional cost benefits to your business.

The best part is that all of this is cloud delivered, so in just a few quick steps you can have our software deployed and be saving money!

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