Need to control line-of-business Android devices?

Among the many ways Android devices are being used to improve business processes, line-of-business is an area that has seen considerable growth in recent months. Some of the most pioneering cases involve: field-force workers, delivery and transportation vehicles, factory workers and inventory managers, to name a few.


A key issue that has arisen is the need to ensure these devices are used securely and for their intended business purpose. Personal apps like games and social networking, improper websites like entertainment, video streaming, adult content and malicious apps and websites like malware, spyware or phishing attacks have been a burden to say the least. They can be distracting, expensive from a data consumption standpoint and even cause data leakage if devices are not locked down.

To address this problem enterprises need a reliable and resource-efficient solution that can tailor the Android experience to needs of the business. One component is the ability to lock devices down to approved applications. But what about the network layer? What if devices need to access the web to get to mission critical websites, but not Facebook’s mobile website? Is sending all your mobile device traffic to your corporate data center to the right answer? What if you could offload that effort a third party and ditch the on-premise appliance?

Collectively, we are moving all aspects of the enterprise business architecture to the cloud and we’d love to be a part of your move. Mention this blog post (or reference number CMDC-101) before 5/1/2013 and we will offer your business a special rate.

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