Apple vs Android in the Enterprise

We work with all types of companies across numerous industries and it’s always interesting to see what OS’s they deploy and why.  Some companies have an initial bias towards one platform, for some it’s a cost issue (Android is generally less expensive) and for others the decision comes down to several factors.

Every company has different needs and some OS’s support those needs better.  Apple’s iOS is generally considered more secure (at least from malware) and different research reports generally back up this claim.  iOS is also less fragmented so it’s often easier to support just from a compatibility standpoint.  Android though is much more customizable so when specializing devices it lends much better to that scenario.  It also integrates very nicely into Google’s services.

We see some general trends in who adopts which platforms and while reading this report from Citrix it validated some of the trends we see.  The graphic below from the report shows how Android and iOS compare by industry.  We didn’t even mention Windows Mobile which surprisingly is still holding on strong in at least one industry!

Let us know in the comments if you see the same trends in your industry.

Android vs iOS

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