Cloud-Based Security Services Increasingly in Demand

As the use of mobile devices and cloud services continues to grow, companies are growing increasingly concerned about the security implications.

More than half of IT executives reported that the threat of security breaches is their primary concern, according to a recent AT&T survey of companies with more than $25 million in annual revenue.

As a result, companies are planning on spending more on IT and expanding their use of security technologies and cloud services to better protect their businesses from potential threats and disasters. The worldwide security technology and services market is forecast to reach $67.2 billion this year, up nearly 9% from last year, according to a report from Gartner, Inc. 

Clutch Mobile Cloud-Based Mobile Security

Cloud-based security services like Clutch Mobile are increasingly in demand because they’re cost-effective, quick to deploy and provide the benefit of real-time updates. Plus, there’s no need to download software or rely on customer updates, which are often forgotten. Gartner reports that within the next two years, 10% of overall IT security enterprise product capabilities will be delivered in the cloud. 

By using a cloud-based mobile security solution, companies can focus on what they do best – running their businesses – while taking advantage of the expertise from firms like Clutch Mobile that specialize in mobile security. Learn more about how Clutch Mobile’s cloud-based mobile security tools can help protect your business. 

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