A Revamped Dashboard And Lots More

Today we’re excited to announce one of our largest updates ever, including a new dashboard and more than 100 other new features and improvements.

The focus of this update was making more reporting available to IT administrators and business owners so that they can make informed decisions around the usage and security of their mobile devices.  We now provide some of the most comprehensive analytics available today for mobile data traffic.

Without further delay, here’s a summary of those features:

Revamped Reporting Dashboard

Our new reporting dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your mobile devices. You can customize the dashboard with the reports that are most useful to you – including 25 new reports that show data such as total bandwidth consumption, blocked malware or phishing incidents, OS versions and more.


Over 25 reports to customize your dashboard with.


Network Activity Insight

It’s now possible to view the real-time activity of your mobile device traffic.  See websites that are visited, bandwidth transferred and the types of content being blocked.  This is an indispensable tool when trying to isolate potential issues or threats.


Real-time mobile traffic activity



Real-Time User Analytics

Admins can view mobile data consumption and other reports like malware threats blocked in real time at the user level.  This is a great tool to control data use and costs.


User Reporting


Improved Data Loss Prevention

We’ve expanded our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology to include more protocols, making it possible to filter, audit and block content across almost all apps, websites and email channels.  If your company has strict compliance needs, there’s nothing else on the market like our solution that can monitor and audit the flow of sensitive data.

Lots More!

The above features only comprise a portion of what’s in this update.  Other features include device searching, notifications for SIM swaps or MDM uninstalls, and numerous NetGuard performance improvements.

Take a look at these new features today by either logging into your account or signing up for a free account and please feel free to give us any feedback in the comments.

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