Summer Interns

Say hello to our new interns Aleksandar Kodzhabashev, Sanchit Gupta, Evan West, Ryan Born and Lindsay Stewart:


In their own words…


We’re excited to join the Clutch Mobile team as interns this summer! We are all involved in either computer engineering or computer science undergraduate studies at UC Santa Barbara. It’s a sunny morning in downtown San Mateo and the five of us are getting ready for another day of packet sniffing, protocol reversing and foosball.

Our first impression of the office: a casual, fun place to work! Our colleagues all love what they are doing and are happy to help the newbies. Our lunch breaks are an adventure of their own – San Mateo is full of interesting spots and we have not eaten at the same place twice since we started. And with Clutch Mobile being centered in the heart of it all, walking to lunch is a breeze.

In a typical day we usually gather around 10 a.m. and dive into the latest project of profiling, reversing and just generally hacking away to better understand something. We hope to ultimately automate many of these projects to minimize redundancy and time consumption (and time is of the essence, as soon we are going to have a ping pong table too).


Welcome to the team!

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