How to Protect Your Company’s Sensitive Data

In yesterday’s post, we looked at the frequency and types of security threats. Today we’ll focus on how you can protect your company’s sensitive data, regardless of what network, mobile device or app you’re using.

The following tips apply to mobile security, and are drawn from the Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense from the Consortium for Cybersecurity Action, an international consortium of government agencies and private organizations around the world.

Clutch Clipboard Graphic

Inventory Authorized and Unauthorized Devices

This includes tracking the mobile devices your company uses, which is a basic feature that most mobile device management solutions offer.

Malware Defenses

Anti-malware software will detect and block threats. The benefit of using a cloud-based mobile security solution like Clutch Mobile is that anti-malware updates happen automatically in real time.

Account Monitoring and Control

This includes account auditing, establishing password requirements and creating account lockout settings. Mobile security tools will also enable you to remotely locate, lock and wipe a compromised device.

Data Loss Prevention

Protecting both data in motion and data at rest is key. Our NetGuard technology uses advanced deep packet inspection (DPI) techniques to audit and block content based on your company’s policies, protecting against data leaks to apps like Google Docs.

Clutch Mobile also analyzes the risk of mobile apps. Our patent-pending Apptelligence technology automatically profile applications for suspicious behavior that might compromise your company’s data.

Together, our mobile security solutions provide comprehensive security for your company’s mobile devices and data. Learn more here.

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