Notifications on Android and iOS

Being protected by a NetGuard policy is great for security and peace of mind while surfing the web, but it doesn’t always result in the most predictable experience on your device. Certain parts of webpages might be inaccessible, entire websites can get blocked, and apps may be limited. Sometimes all you need to know is what happened. Clutch Mobile has addressed that need.

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We are pleased to announce a new feature, called Notifications, that allows users to receive messages from Clutch Mobile about events that impact their web surfing and app usage. Starting out, users will be informed about NetGuard block events immediately after a restricted destination is blocked. The message includes the URL that was blocked and a timestamp to report when the event happened.

The Notifications feature is available today to business users running the latest versions of the Android and iOS apps (1.1.51 and Build 108, respectively).

We are also happy to announce the new Push App feature which provides a way for organizations with iOS devices to remotely push the latest Clutch Mobile app to devices. The Push App button is located amongst the other remote commands (Lock, Wipe, Locate, Alarm) on an iOS device’s detailed view. Administrators with Android devices should continue to use the Google Play Store’s built-in Auto-update feature.

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