All Ready for iOS 7

Apple is set to release iOS 7 tomorrow and it will include a lot of new features.  Our customers often ask if anything with our products will change with iOS 7 and the short answer is that we will fully support iOS 7 and our products will improve with the release.

iOS 7

We’ve been developing on the iOS 7 platform for the last couple of months  and this early access has allowed us to leverage some of its newest features to improve our product.  Some of these new features include the ability for apps to run in the background, per app VPN, and more granular network controls.

Most of our changes will be taking place behind the scenes, but one of the most tangible improvements will be seen with battery life which is an area we’re always looking to improve upon.  These new improvements are available immediately for all iOS customers.

One feature that intrigues us is the new fingerprint sensor.  If it works well, there are numerous authentication scenarios that open up to companies to ensure the user’s identity of the device.  This is something we’re exploring and we’ll keep everyone posted as we develop anything for it.

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