Automating Android Device Setup and Configuration

As your organization prepares to provision a large quantity of Android-based phones and tablets, a challenge you might face is that getting the desired apps and settings uniformly configured across all devices can take significant time and meticulousness. Done manually this can result in delayed rollout or worse an unsuccessful setup on some of those devices.

In our aim to ensure our partners and customers always enjoy a successful deployment, we sought and discovered a great way to make this process much more efficient and effective: The USB Rubber Ducky Deluxe from Hakshop. Recognized and trusted by Android, and nearly all operating systems, as a standard Human Interface Device (HID) keyboard, this USB device can be programmed to automate any process you need.

For example, a transportation company with a fleet of 400 commercial vehicles deploying Android tablets equipped with GPS, field-force management and on-board recorder apps will be very particular about ensuring that devices are setup correctly and in a timely manner. Done manually by following a set of configuration and installation instructions, this could take several days of full time screen tapping. And if some of the devices are missing a particular app or if a device setting is overlooked they’ll need to be shipped back to IT or the carrier for correction.

The purpose of this blog post is to share what might be a simple, highly beneficial, and probably underutilized solution to the monotonous and time-consuming effort of a large-scale Android setup and provisioning process.  We made a brief video that shows how you can use this tool to automate the installation and setup of Clutch Mobile on a device.

If you’re facing a daunting rollout, consider automating it with the USB Rubber Ducky and feel free to reach out to us with any questions on how to best implement that rollout, manage those devices, and secure your data.

3 thoughts on “Automating Android Device Setup and Configuration

  1. This looks like an interesting tool for the general Android market. Setting up Android devices is a problem for everyone in the enterprise space.

    For folks using Samsung, there’s a neat new tool (2015) that’s specific to that platform — Tachyon from It automates over the air all the setup steps and pulling in the specific user data for 1000s of devices, able to make KNOX API calls and even set up MDM / EMM tools. It can do this right out of the box, when the devices first touches Wi-Fi, from a QR code or from an email link. Off the shelf scripts cover everything right up to 1 click military grade secure configurations.

  2. You can watch an OTA automated rolllout of Samsung devices here —

    Automation is triggered via Knox Mobile Enrollment, QR-code, legacy login, SD-card, or even a handshake via USB.

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