Battery Life Improvements

Anyone who’s ever owned a mobile device knows what it’s like to run out of battery — it’s always untimely and often downright debilitating. Here at Mojave Networks we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a great user experience, which is why today’s post addresses a topic that’s really important to us: battery life.

As a security company, our focus has always been on creating innovative, powerful, and robust products that protect our customers from an ever evolving world of security threats. Up to this point there has been a tradeoff between security and battery life for those running our app. We have experienced it first hand with our personal devices and heard about it from our customers.

While it’s true that introducing just about any security software to a system will decrease battery performance, we wanted to spare our customers from feeling like they have to sacrifice security in order to have their devices last long enough to get the job done. We decided to give ourselves the challenge of reducing power consumption while maintaining the same high level of security we’ve always offered. After many days in the code cave we emerged with a result that drastically reduces power consumption on both Android and iOS.

Here’s a graph that illustrates the magnitude of our newly improved power efficiency on Android:

Bar Graph: Android Battery Life (Original vs Improved)
Android battery life is now more than 2.5 times better.

Android devices can now expect to last more than two and a half times longer than they previously did with Network Security enabled. In applicable terms, if your battery used to reach 25% after 12 hours, our improvements would leave it at 70% after the same amount of time. This means a lot more time for syncing up with colleagues, transmitting files, finding directions to the next job, and anything else you use your Android device for.

As proud as we are about the efficiency gains we’ve been able to achieve on Android, we’re absolutely ecstatic about the improvements we’ve made on iOS:

Bar Graph: iOS Battery Life (Original vs Improved)
iOS battery life has been quadrupled.

iOS users can now expect to have their devices last more than 4 times longer when Network Security is enabled. Again, these changes will give our customers a lot more time to get things done.

So when will these changes be available? For Android, you’ll want to grab the latest version (v1.1.61, released Oct. 31, 2013) on Google Play. For iOS, the latest build (Build 164) is available now and can be pushed down to each of your devices via the Mojave Admin Console.

The entire Mojave Networks team is excited to bring you these improvements and we hope you enjoy all the extra battery life you’ll get with these new updates.

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