Hot times at #SpiceWorld last week in Austin

Last week we attended our first SpiceWorld (and no it is not a Spice Girls convention!).  Spiceworks is an app that turned into a community;  the hospitality of the people of Austin and the Spicehead community were evidence of this spirit (check out the story of the crowdsourced mascot, Spicerex).

Quick stats on Spiceworks:

Over 4 million IT pros. 2,300 tech advertisers… all getting their jobs done in one place. What started in 2006 as “the free IT” revolution has turned into a way of life for many in the IT world. How? Spiceworks is the first place people go to share and find info on all-things-IT…so much so that some tech products are now even built in Spiceworks!

Photobombed at SpiceWorld
Our team was bombed at SpiceWorld!

Not only did we get photobombed, we learned a lot from the Spiceheads last week and had a great time at the event!  SpiceWorld wasn’t an exaggeration, as attendees came from all over the world. During the week we hosted demos at our booth, and gave away a few prizes. Check out the winners in our photo albums on Facebook and Google+.

Spicerex Portrait

If you want to learn more about SpiceWorld, check out the recaps below:

And find us on Spiceworks. Were you there? Tell us about your experiences!

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