Make Network Rules for Over 100 Apps

A key part of our product is our ability to understand and analyze mobile applications.   The fact that companies use so many cloud services through apps is a major reason why we spend so much time analyzing all of these apps and why a network-based approach to mobile security is needed.  We look at mobile apps for a few reasons:

  1. Understand the risk for enterprises, whether it’s the potential for company data loss or malware
  2. Profile what constitutes an application from a network perspective so it’s easy to make rules on a per app basis
  3. Analyze the protocols used for data transportation so that we can inspect it for potential data loss

Recently, we added over 100+ apps to the platform that we analyzed from the standpoint of items 2 and 3. Administrators can create rules on some of the most popular enterprise apps including Box, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.  When rules are created, admins can black-list or white-list network traffic just based on the names of the apps.

App Profiling

App Profiling

Furthermore, the data filter rules will inspect the traffic of these apps for potential data loss.  Even if these apps use custom protocols, we have done the hard work of understanding these protocols so that companies can ensure their corporate data is being uploaded to cloud services only in ways that are compliant with their internal standards.

These app rules are available immediately for all of our customers with some of the more advanced data filter rules available only for Enterprise customers.

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