Is BYOD bringing more headaches?

What mobile security issues are keeping you up at night?  Are you worried about lost or stolen phones?  Or users uploading sensitive company data to the cloud?  Or malware accidentally downloaded from the public app stores compromising your phones and tablets?  These are the top 3 concerns for mobile professionals, according to a recent poll conducted by InformationWeek.

From the study, 78% of IT leaders are worried about users losing their cell phones and 45% reported that a phone with company info was lost or stolen in the past 12 months. Unfortunately, according to a recent Juniper Research study, 80% of smartphones are unprotected, and their loss puts your company at risk for data loss.
MIA Phone

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets have been called “the weak link of security” for enterprise networks, and for good reason. While any one of these handheld devices is more powerful than the computers NASA used to put man on the moon in the 1960’s, it still isn’t powerful enough to run the continuous security controls that are commonplace on networks and PC platforms. The limited processing power and battery life of smart devices prohibit the local use of security tools such as web filtering, content filtering and sophisticated forms of anti-virus and anti-malware screening.

The recent surveys highlight many of the current issues with mobile security. The summary? Everyone is aware there’s a problem, but there are lots of types of threats, and not one clear way to protect yourself and your company from the potential threats. Here is a summary of the survey results:

InformationWeek Survey Results

The best way to handle the potential risks and issues is to always be prepared, as the old adage goes. On our blog, we’ve discussed tips on developing a mobile security policy, culled from the UK government and approaches to protect sensitive company data on your mobile devices.  Each of these 10 mobile security concerns requires a different approach to eliminate the threat.  The first concern is addressed by most mobile device management (MDM) tools, but concerns 2-5 are a bit more complex to address.  Stay tuned, we are releasing a white paper on the approaches to handling the core types of threats.

How are you preparing for handling BYOD and building your company’s mobility policy?

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