Announcing Free MDM

free mdm

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of our free MDM for Android and iOS.  It covers an unlimited number of devices and even includes some of our cutting edge security features including Android malware detection.  This product is a great place to start for cost conscious companies that want to ensure baseline protection for some or all of their mobile devices.

Some of the benefits of this package are:

  • Lock, wipe and locate a lost device
  • Detect Android malware and other security exploits like jailbreaking
  • Set device policies like password requirements
  • Configure device settings such as email
  • Distribute applications
  • Analyze device usage with numerous reports
  • More benefits

For those companies that require mdm + mobile security, we are one of the few companies that provide comprehensive protection.  Our approach starts by uniquely  securing data at the network which means robust security, DLP, and analytics while still allowing a native device experience (no containers).

Check out more about our free MDM and mobile security products at our next webinar.

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