Mobile Security is a Two-Way Street

Effective mobile security requires a clear policy and compliance by employees.  The reality is, most employees are not worried about mobile security. And employees are unaware of the true impact of a lost device or lost data.  Here are a few excellent surveys (and scary stats) to keep in mind: 59 percent of employees estimated the value of the corporate data on their phones to be less than $500.

Companies estimated the costs of data loss much higher, with median costs of $22,000 for SMBs and $150,000 for enterprises according to a 2013 study:

value of data loss

 Not only was there a significant financial impact, the organizations who suffered the data breach found their businesses were impacted as well:

  • 60% of breaches resulted in some impairment of the business’ ability to function
  • 53% experienced a negative impact on their reputation

The missing link: employee education

Most employees have not lost their mobile devices, but for the ones that have, 57% did not change their habits to keep their devices safer.  Likely, this was due to the fact that there were minimal consequences for losing a device — 55% had a “discussion” or no penalty at all:

Penalty for Lost Devices

Lost (or insecure) mobile devices pose a big risk to your organization. The best way to stay safe is to implement a few key safeguards:

Or there is another approach.  We recently chatted with a CIO that has a very concrete mobile policy: employees are responsible for keeping their data safe, and the consequences for data loss are steep: termination.

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