Mojave Networks in the News

The Mojave Networks name has been popping up a lot recently. A quick recap…

Brook Ellis of Leesar spoke with Ann Bednarz from Network World about why Mojave Networks is a favorite IT product at her company.

“The ability to track, lock and limit usage of our deployed devices with this product is immeasurable. It has decreased workers’ spending company money on irrelevant apps, it has increased productivity by not allowing for personal use. It has helped me to track and locate or lock and wipe stolen or lost devices.”

See the complete article: Mobile Security Tools Win Over IT Pros


Our Lead Threat Engineer, Ryan W. Smith, spoke with Lori Castle of Mobile Enterprise about the risks from the Heartbleed vulnerability.

“Users with vulnerable apps installed, or a vulnerable device, could be attacked if they connect to malicious web servers. Although this attack vector is less likely to occur, it could allow an attacker to view security information in the devices memory, which makes the potential risk significant.”

See the complete article: Is Your Mobile Heart Bleeding?

Garrett Larsson spoke with Tim Wilson from Information Week / Dark Reading about the state of the mobile security industry.

“Security is not a place where you’ll find many startups that are two guys in a dorm room. But the difference between the startups that succeed and the ones that don’t is traction in the market. If you don’t have customers, and you’re not getting real implementations, even the best ideas and people won’t succeed.”

See the complete article: Venture Capital: The Lifeblood Behind Security Innovation


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