Webinar with Forrester Research: A Three-pronged Approach to Unified Mobile Security

Mobile devices are always on the move, switching from network to network and place to place constantly. Some mobile security solutions focus on protecting your device, with remote management features to lock, locate or wipe the device. Other solutions focus on preventing malicious applications, malware and viruses, while limiting the applications available. A few solutions tackle network-based threats, looking for spear phishing and other network-based attacks.

The best way to keep your company’s information safe is through a unified approach with security at the device, app and network levels.

Tyler Shields of Forrester Research blogged about the commoditizaton of mobile device management (MDM), and why we need to move beyond it:

“There is a transition by the major MDM players to expand well beyond the traditional “wipe,” “lock,” and “locate” concepts available to them into more advanced technologies such as content and collaboration systems, security components at the network and application layer.”

3-pronged mobile security image

On May 21, Tyler will join Mojave Networks CEO Garrett Larsson to discuss how to build a three-pronged mobile security strategy. They will cover:

  • Why mobile security should be unified across the network, device and application
  • How to protect corporate data and ensure employee privacy
  • Why MDM is not the same as mobile security
  • How to build a risk-based mobile security approach

Do you have questions for our experts? Send them to us in advance via Twitter with the hashtag: #3prongsecurity or via email social@mojave.net.

Webinar Details

Topic: Three-Pronged Approach to Mobile Security
DateMay 21
Time11 AM PST

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