#3prongsecurity: Send your questions for our upcoming webinar featuring Tyler Shields of Forrester Research

Last week we told you about our webinar on May 21: A Three-Pronged Approach to Mobile Security. We’ll be discussing why a unified approach to protecting your mobile networks, apps and devices is the best way to provide comprehensive mobile security.

The questions are rolling in for our experts, Forrester Research’s Tyler Shields and our CEO Garrett Larsson. Here are a few of the current questions – is yours on the list yet?


In this webinar we will discuss why a unified approach, protecting your device, apps and network is the best way to provide comprehensive mobile security.

  • Why do I need a three-pronged approach to mobile security?
  • What level of security do I need to offset my mobile risk?
  • What combination of technologies can help me meet my business goals?
  • Where is the real risk in mobile?
  • Why do I need mobile security if our policy is a BYOD one?
  • How can I securely enable my users to get their jobs done?
  • How do we get employee buy-in for our mobile security policy?

Send us your questions via Twitter with the hashtag: #3prongsecurity or comment here on this post. And, you can also register for our event and ask your questions live.

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