Two Factor Authentication, Data Usage Alerts, and More!

We wanted to take a quick break from all of our hard work and give a quick update on some important new features.

Two Factor Authentication

In the wake of recent vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, we felt it was necessary to give our users additional security around their login credentials.  That’s why we recently implement two factor authentication which can now be enabled for any account by simply going to Settings -> Personal.

We chose the open TOTP standard as the underlying authentication method and made it simple enough to use that anyone can have it enabled for their account within a few minutes.

Mojave two factor auth


Data Usage Alerts

Another feature that customers have often requested is to receive alerts when users are approaching a certain amount of data usage.  This is ideal for companies that pay for data plans and want to ensure they remain within certain usage parameters to avoid expensive overage charges.

To enable, simply go to the Network settings within a policy and set the threshold of when you want to be alerted.  It’s as simple as that.

Data Usage Alert


Samsung Safe

Mojave now integrates with Samsung Safe allowing more granular controls of Safe devices including preventing factory reset, booting into safe mode, and better email configuration.

All of these features are immediately available so feel free to use them and keep providing your suggestions so we can keep improving the Mojave experience.

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